Welcome to Luton Infant and Nursery School

We are a Nursery and Infant school

for children aged between 3 and 7 years

in Chatham, Kent.

Visits to the school are warmly welcomed, please click here to contact the school office and speak to Mrs Watkins, Receptionist or Mrs Catchlove, Office Manager.


Growing Together

Our motto 'Growing Together' encompasses a firm commitment to raising self esteem, working together as a team and developing interpersonal skills which promotes life long learning.


Our Vision

Children are encouraged to become independent learners who think creatively and reflectively.  The school provides for the individual needs of all children and celebrates their achievements, developing and raising their self esteem.  By encouraging respect for others and ourselves, we aim to help the children to develop a caring attitude that will help them to become successful citizens.


Equality Objectives

At Luton Infant and Nursery School, we are committed to ensuring equality of education and opportunity for all pupils, staff, parents and carers, irrespective of race, gender, disability, belief, religion or socio-economic background.

In order to further support pupils, raise standards and ensure inclusive teaching, we have set ourselves the following objectives:-

Objective 1: To monitor and analyse pupil achievement by race, gender and disability and act on any trends or patterns in the data that require additional support for pupils.

Objective 2: To raise levels of attainment in core subjects for vulnerable pupils.

Objective 3: To seek new ways to promote parental engagement in learning and school life across all vulnerable groups within school.

Important News and Information

 Very Important

From Monday 10th November 2014, if you arrange for someone to collect your child from school, they must give the password you have set up before we will let your child leave.  If they do not have the password, we will not let children leave the school with these adults.

Thank you for understanding the importance of this new safeguarding arrangement.

Please check the calendar for upcoming dates and information.

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